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Turning to food for comfort



My grand diet and religious calorie counting has taken a back seat. After a close call in Hong Kong with a 3 alarm fire I decided to let go. And I really let go.

I baked a Rocky Road Brownie the same night I got home. I had Pad Thai for breakfast the next day and Chicken Parmigiana  the morning that followed. Every meal I ate ended with a gooey brownie. Yes I have problems.

I decided to tone it down a little this morning and decided to make cinnamon rolls.

Joe loves Cinnabon rolls. I try to make them at home and pray that he only loves them as much. Just something about mass produced, highly processed foods that satisfies Joe.

I tried a new recipe which had sour cream in it. It produced a really tender dough. Ground cinnamon loses its aroma and flavour the longer it sits in your pantry. Joe commented that we should get some Cinnabon cinnamon.

I rolled my eyes in my head.





I finally bought a madeleine mould for myself. My intention was to use it for madeleine and kuih bahulu. Kuih bahulu is a lighter malay version of this petite buttery french cake without the butter.

For breakfast today I decided to make some madeleine. They were so quick and easy to make. I love the contrast of the slightly sweet, crisp exterior and the moist, buttery sponge on the inside. I think they taste best when still slightly warm.

Bon Appetit!

Kuih Rose


On our lame trip to Batam I  found a Kuih Rose mould. I was so excited! I made some Kuih Rose today. Kuih Rose is also known as Kuih Goyang. Goyang means shake in Malay. When you dip the batter covered mould in the hot oil you have to gently shake it for a few seconds so that it will release itself from the mould and continue to cook in the hot oil. The traditional shape of these cookies is a simplified rosette. However, today one can find moulds in all shapes and sizes, ranging from butterfly-shape to plain rectangles.

 Joe was not crazy about the cookies. He even suggested I should dip it in chocolate and I did. It made it even funkier.

Kuih rose is sweet, light and crispy. I personally think that it makes a fantastic teatime snack.