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I remember my first encounter with the stately coconut cake. It was my first christmas in the usa. My husband was still alive and well at that time. We sat around the bar in front of my mother in law’s magnificent rockefella center – esque tree. It was brilliant. It towered over me. It must have been at least 15 feet tall. It sparkled and glowed with all its grandiose. It was no humble tree. Despite the blinding lights from the corner of my eye i spotted s simple white cake. It was elegant and luxurious in its simplicity. A true beauty. I soon found out that it was a coconut cake. Sometimes when something looks so perfect on the outside, the inside can sometimes disappoint. Nothing ruins greatness more than the anticipation if greatness. It was good cake. Tender, moist and had an examplary crumb structure. The frosting wasn’t overwhelming, it was just right. My only issue was that it did not explode with the flavour of coconut. Apart from the superficial beauty of the coconut on the frosting it tasted like the almond extract in dr pepper that i loathe so vehemently. I was unimpressed.

I remember being in awe that night and I continue to be in awe by the beauty of grand christmas trees and coconut cakes. Since that day I have always fantasized about perhaps one day making my own stately coconut cake.

I recently found myself in brazil. I bought some goiabada. Guava paste. I became obsessed with the idea if making a coconut lime guava cake. I did some online trolling and i came up with a white coconut lime cake, sandwiched in between guava jam and frosted with a lime swiss meringue buttercream.

It was a tropical fiesta masquerading as a stately coconut cake.

Coconut-lime guava cake