Monthly Archives: April 2012

Turning to food for comfort



My grand diet and religious calorie counting has taken a back seat. After a close call in Hong Kong with a 3 alarm fire I decided to let go. And I really let go.

I baked a Rocky Road Brownie the same night I got home. I had Pad Thai for breakfast the next day and Chicken Parmigiana  the morning that followed. Every meal I ate ended with a gooey brownie. Yes I have problems.

I decided to tone it down a little this morning and decided to make cinnamon rolls.

Joe loves Cinnabon rolls. I try to make them at home and pray that he only loves them as much. Just something about mass produced, highly processed foods that satisfies Joe.

I tried a new recipe which had sour cream in it. It produced a really tender dough. Ground cinnamon loses its aroma and flavour the longer it sits in your pantry. Joe commented that we should get some Cinnabon cinnamon.

I rolled my eyes in my head.



A muffin to deal with the guilt of succumbing to consumerism


It has been really hectic with work. I actually have go to work to get paid. No more sitting on my ass on reserve. I actually have to get dressed, go to the airport and get on a plane.

I have always cherished those days when I got paid to sit at home and be on call. I am not quite sure why some reserves get upset over that, I on the other hand feel truly blessed when that happens. It is probably also the reason why it is the longest job I have ever had.

Anyway all the flying , has taken its toll on my immune system and I am officially sick. Oh well.

I haven’t been doing much cooking or baking.

All I could make was a banana chocolate chip muffin. We had bananas. Joe had mentioned something about a muffin. It was quick and easy. I always add wheat germ and flax seed to my muffins. I like muffins that make me poop.

And yes I succumbed to a smart phone. I hate myself. Joe pressured me into it. I hate letting consumerism win. I fight so hard not be a person who needs stuff to make them feel fulfilled or accomplished. I aim for a simple and uncluttered approach towards life. And yet I have this god damn phone! It is a nice phone but I don’t need it. I miss my fuss-free flip phone. It is all I really need. I hate the idea of being glued to a gadget muddling with a mindless game or app. I hate how these phones have terrible battery life and you constantly need to have your phone charged. I hate that we complain about not making enough and how the 1% are getting richer, yet we subscribe to the very things they sell to us to make them richer.

Complaining is moot. I am weak and faltered under pressure.

On the positive side at least my phone now has a camera and that is one thing I do appreciate.

Time to take a shower, clean up the apartment and make some dinner. Time to do the things I really need to do.