Learning to love Bulgur and Quinoa



One of those days when my body craves for something semi-healthy. It is like the body has had enough junk stuffed into it and it screams for some nourishment.

I have learnt to love bulgur and quinoa. I  probably have a tendency to over-cook it as I don’t really care for measurements when I am cooking. I like to eye-ball it. As long as it tastes and looks good who cares if it was done right. Yes, I am superficial like that.

So what’s on the plate?

I stir fried some shrimp and baby spinach with my favourite sambal. I like my food to have a little spice. Otherwise ” I can’t get no satisfaction…”

Then there is a relish to add a little freshness and crunch. I chopped some cucumbers, apples, onions, cilantro and seasoned it with a pinch of salt, pepper and lemon juice.

The bulgur and quinoa I cooked in chicken stock, chopped onions, smashed garlic, a little tumeric, paprika, salt and pepper. Once it is almost cooked, I add fava beans, olives, raisins, sunflower seeds, cilantro, lemon zest and juice. 


So refreshing on a not so typically hot spring afternoon in Chicago.


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  1. I love bulgar wheat! I usually just put a couple of tablespoons into a pan with water and a small bit of butter and cook it about 15 minutes. I use it in place of pasta or rice. I never really added anything else to it, but may have to try that. Quinoa I’m not as crazy about, but I do eat it. I’ve found I like it better as a breakfast food rather than with a lunch or dinner.

      • If you want, you can check out the post I did on it from 31 Jan 2012 to give you an idea of what to do with it. (I didn’t want to put the actual http because it might flag it as spam). The other grain I enjoy quite a bit is millet, but it takes a bit longer to cook. 🙂

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