Heaven served on a plate (Nasi Lemak)


Comfort food is not mac and cheese, grilled cheese sandwich or mashed potatoes. …. it is a plate of steaming Nasi Lemak. Rice cooked in coconut milk and subtly perfumed by Pandan (Screwpine) leaves and Ginger. Heavenly. The perfect sides that accompany this fragrant rice are Sambal Udang (Spicy Shrimp), Rendang Daging (Spiced Beef in Coconut Gravy) and a fried egg. Traditionally you have an accompaniment of cucumbers too cool off some of the heat from the Spicy Sambal but I was out of cucumber so Stir Fried Green Beans had to do. Also typical with this delicious Malay anytime-of-the-day-meal is a side of crispy anchovies and toasted ground nuts. A complex balance of heat, sweetness, saltiness and creaminess.



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