The perfect pie needs no whipped cream


The perfect pie needs no whipped cream.

I guess I am a pie snob. A purist. The two main components to a pie are the crust and the filling.

What makes a good crust?

Flavour: Buttery and rich

Texture: Crisp at the base. Tender and flaky all around. Melts in your mouth and doesn’t crumble in the pan.

Nothing annoys me more than a pie with a soggy, “doughy” bottom. I think you fail as a pie baker if you look at the bottom of your pyrex pie dish and the bottom of the pie is NOT a beautiful golden brown. Sometimes this problem can be rectified by covering the top of the pie with an aluminium foil and placing the the pie dish on the lowest oven rack. But a pie with  a really wet filling or when the pie reaches a point of no return….no amount of baking on the lowest rack will brown the bottom of the pie. That is when you know you have failed. Boo!

Thickness: Not too thick but not too thin. Thin enough to hold up against the filling but no thicker than the the thickness of the pie dish.

Colour: Golden brown

What makes a good filling?

Amount: Never scrimp. Let it pile up.

Flavour: Sweet or savoury, it is all about harmonious complementary balance.

It bothers me that after labouring over making the perfect pie, most people I know like to destroy the pie by adding copious amounts of whipped cream. What? Whipped cream destroys that perfectly tender and flaky crust and turns it into a wet soggy pile of what used to be good crust.

Whipped cream on his naked body…naughty! Whipped cream on a dry coffee cake …maybe. Whipped cream to conceal the bad taste of burnt coffee…perhaps. Whipped cream on a bad pie…definitely. But please say bye-bye to whipped cream on that perfect pie.


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